Nasri Maalouf

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Nasri Maalouf
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants
In office
May 1992 – October 1992
Prime MinisterOmar Karami
Preceded byFarès Boueiz
Succeeded byFarès Boueiz
Personal details
Born(1911-05-07)7 May 1911
al-Mashrah, Beirut, Lebanon
DiedApril 2, 2005(2005-04-02) (aged 93)
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nasri Maalouf (Arabic: نصري معلوف‎) (May 7, 1911 – April 2, 2005) was a Lebanese politician. He was a Melkite Greek Catholic, and was known as a moderate and peacemaker in Lebanese politics.

Nasri Maalouf was also a prominent lawyer, with one of his most important (and mediatized) cases the one involving the prosecution of Cheikh Nizar Halabi's assassination

Maalouf was born in al-Mashrah, Beirut, Lebanon. He was educated in Syria. He was a signer of the Lebanese constitution and the Taif Accord. He was a long-time member of parliament from Beirut- first elected in 1968 alongside Michel Sassine- and served in the cabinet several times, including as foreign minister for a few months in 1992, as well as Defense Minister and Minister of Justice. Shortly before his death, he was appointed to be a member of a council of elders which supervised parliamentary elections in June 2005.