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Matt, I notice that you have been changing the phrase Quebec Liberal Party to Parti libe'ral du Que'bec (Sorry, I don't have bilingual keyboard). I do not think that this change makes sense. On the English-language pages of PLQ's website, Quebec Liberal Party is given as the party's name, so that would be the correct way of referring to the party in Wikipedia's English version. Of course, it would not make sense to translate the names of Quebec organizations that do not use English translations (e.g., translating Parti Quebecois as Quebecers' Party would be silly), but since the PLQ itself uses an English version of its names, why would Wikipedia (English) use only the French version? English Canadian media typically use Quebec Liberal Party, so that is a comonly understood name. Kevintoronto 09:35, 12 Sep 2004 (UTC)

If you really want to get technical, Union Nationale should be referred to as National Union on English Wikipedia. They had a 1960 English ad in which they referred to themselves by that name.


User:JillandJack has been blocked; it appears they were merely the latest reincarnation of a previously-banned user, User:DW (a/k/a User:Joe Canuck, User:Angelique, etc.) Bearcat 00:22, 20 Feb 2005 (UTC)