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Martha Chase made incredible contributions to science and genetics, playing a huge role in proving that DNA is life’s genetic substance. Arguably, this is one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century that led to further advancement in the knowledge of genetics. Yet, her Wikipedia page is lacking in information and substance. It is incredibly short with very little about her early life, education, career, and overall accomplishments. Sadly, there is also only one image of her provided. Thus, I would like to make a few proposals for changes on her page.
One proposal I have is to add more about her childhood and background before her research career. I think that this would help to see how and why Chase became interested in science and ultimately genetics. It could also provide insight into any barriers or struggles she may have come across in her life. My second suggestion is to provide more information about her studies and research, including the Hershey-Chase experiment. Her contributions were huge and yet, there isn't much information about them. Of course, the Hershey-Chase experiment has it's own Wikipedia page, but I think that more information regarding Chase's role(s) would give her credit where credit is due. Next, I think that the current subheadings could be changed. Currently, there are only two subheadings, “Early Life and College Education” and “Research and Later Life”. I suggest that each subheading be separated, becoming “Early Life”, “College Education”, “Research”, and “Later Life”. To me, this would allow for each topic to receive the proper attention and also make the article easier to follow by narrowing the focus for each subheading. Possibly with more research, additional subheadings could be added to the page, such as "Awards and Recognition", etc. Finally, I believe that more images of her and ones relating to her life should be included on her page. Right now, the single photo of her appears to be from her earlier years, maybe during her education and research. I would like to potentially see some photos of her childhood, later years as she aged, and even some of her in action doing research, if found. A simple Google search produced a few more image results that may work. The links are posted below.

I really wonder why her page is lacking compared to many other contemporary scientists and geneticists of her time. I would imagine that she may have experienced some sexism and discrimination as she tried to enter a primarily male-dominated field during a time where many women were expected to only be wives and mothers. Regardless, she was an incredibly important scientific figure, and her Wikipedia page should reflect that. One of my hypotheses as to why her page is not up to the standard that it should be is the fact that she is a female scientist. Women's Gender Studies scholars often note that female contributors to science throughout history have been disregarded or hidden in the shadows, especially behind the males that they work with. Even today after Chase's death, she is not being recognized in the way that she should be.

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Martha Chase she was a wonderful scientist so I will always respect her in memory, heart and soul!

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I didn't like science until i read about what she did and how she did it. She made this little dream seem so cool and realistic that i'm inspired to do whatever i set my mind to. THANK YOU Martha.....RIP forever.

      -A loving fan  —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 13:33, 24 September 2008 (UTC) 

Martha you have inspried me in so many ways to start things I though never possible. Thank you so much For everything and God Bless your parents for raising such a beautiful, talented woman. I love you martha chase you inspire me to reach my limits and beyond. Once again, thank you for making me believe that dreams are real. RIP Angel. Love you Ma(lol) RIP by:Jamie Balie

Review comments[edit]

Some suggestions for improvement as the article is expanded:

  • Template:Infobox Scientist should be added
  • Photograph should be added from a source with a free license, if available
  • Basic biographical information required, including precise date and place of birth, dates of positions held etc
  • After expansion, article should be divided into appropriate subheadings
  • Information on research should be expanded and references required
  • References should be added, preferably in the inline format
  • External links to useful online resources should be added if available

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